Ardmore is considering a road from the mall to 12th Avenue NW

The Town of Ardmore plans to construct a new road to connect 12th Avenue NW to the Merrick Drive roundabout. The new road would start at the Market Street Mall.

City Manager Kevin Boatright said the new street would serve the community in two ways.

“One is that we would like to see the area off Merrick Drive develop, and having a road that connects to the roundabout and Market Street would help encourage more northward development,” Boatright said. “The second benefit would come from getting some of the traffic off 12th Avenue because people could come from Merrick instead of 12th, which is required right now.”

Boatright said the proposed project would cost $ 1.5 million and the funding would come from money already available in the city’s Tax Increment Finance District (TIF) number 2 fund.

The TIF fund was originally established in 2003 with the aim of stimulating economic development and has previously been used to fund projects such as Ardmore Commons, the Market Street Center and The Clubhouse.

Since the money for the project will come from the TIF Fund, the city is currently in the process of completing the necessary steps to use these funds. Boatright said the plan was reviewed and approved by the town planning commission last week. The increases review committee also approved the plan after a vote by the planning committee.

Two public hearings will also be needed for the proposal to move forward. The first was on Monday evening and the second and final hearing will take place next week at the Ardmore Town Commission meeting on Tuesday January 18.

Final approval or rejection of the proposal will take place after the public hearing when city commissioners vote on the ordinance that would formalize the plan.