Buffalo’s Italian Heritage Festival returns to Hertel Avenue

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) — After two years on hold, Buffalo’s Italian Heritage Festival is set to return this summer, but this time it will return to its original destination.

Several years ago the festival was moved to the Outer Harbor and Niagara Square.

The festival was put on hiatus for two years due to COVID, but is now back on Hertel Avenue in Little Italy.

Many look forward to the festivities in July, and Galbani cheese chef Marco Sciortino says this year’s event will be more intimate and heritage-focused.

“Bringing it back to Avenue Hertel is a plus for everyone involved,” says Marco Sciortino, Galbani Cheese chef/spokesperson. “Especially business, and that’s something Western New York is familiar with.”

Some say the return of the Italian festival to the Hertel area will benefit many businesses.

“It’s a good thing he’s coming back. We missed him,” says Ricky Winston, barber at Razor Sharp. “It will bring more business to the store, to the rest of the businesses here. It’s a good thing for the community.”

Purrfect Cafe General Manager Ashley Walker says the company is looking forward to the festivities.

“We’re really looking forward to it. We love the events on Hertel,” says Walker. “There’s lots of foot traffic and music. We love good food here.”

The Italian celebrations will take place over three days from July 15-17, between Delaware and Virgil.

“So whenever you have an event that will draw hundreds and thousands of people to your area,” says Sciortino. “And being on your doorstep, take advantage of it. You will succeed, whether through sales or recognition.”