Calgary gets a new professional basketball team

Part of the elite Canadian Basketball League, the Calgary Surge will begin the regular season in May 2023. Here’s everything you need to know ahead of time.

Alberta is experiencing a cold snap, and Calgarians should be on the lookout for another wave — the Calgary Surge. As the city’s newest professional basketball team, the Surge will play in the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) beginning in May for the 2023 season. Here’s everything you need to know about the team ahead of its first season.

The Calgary Surge began as the Guelph Nighthawks

The Calgary Surge aren’t new per se – the team originated in Guelph, Ont., where they were known as the Nighthawks. As a nod to the team’s origins, the Surge’s new logo incorporates a falcon, but it also honors Calgary’s tradition of the team’s black and red colors. The Nighthawks were one of the CEBL’s first founding teams, which means Calgary basketball fans have even more reason to applaud the move of this historic team to our city.

The Calgary Surge field will be at the WinSport Event Center

The Calgary Surge’s home games will be played at the WinSport Event Center, which is no stranger to hosting basketball games – in March 2022 it hosted the Basketball Champions League Americas (BCLA). Opened in 1988 during the Calgary Winter Olympics, the event center was specifically designed for large-scale sporting events, with plenty of seating for fans.

The team will play under different rules than the NBA

CEBL teams play under International Basketball Federation (FIBA), which include a few key differences from what NBA fans might be used to. Under FIBA ​​rules (the same ones the Olympics follow), the court is shorter than in the NBA and the three-point line is closer to the basket, meaning the game has a rhythm faster. There is also more defense allowed around the basket.

Season tickets can be booked now

Although they are not yet for sale, season tickets can be reserved with a $50 deposit. This will give you priority access when tickets actually go on sale.