Carol singing ushers in the Christmas heat in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, December 20: With the breeze in the air, Christians across the city are immersed in a festive spirit as they sing Christmas carols in ornate churches while attending special prayers. The churches are well decorated

Midnight Mass precedes Christmas Day and the church echoes with merry carols, Christmas carols and thanksgiving. The people of Jamshedpur also imbibed the festive spirit as Christmas brings with it goodwill and celebration, which seemed to overwhelm the people as they rejoiced.

On the eve of Christmas Day, a midnight prayer mass will be held on this occasion in all the churches of the city, including the Church of St. Mary, Bistupur, the Baptist Church of Beldih, the Northern Town and the ‘Saint-Antoine church in Pursudih.

Officials at St. Mary’s Church have said that the paintings of Jesus Christ are specially designed for this auspicious occasion. The entire premises have been decorated where people from all sections will light candles on Christmas Day.

Meanwhile, many shops in Bistupur and Sakchi are decorated with Christmas and New Year cards, decorative items, not to mention Christmas stars and trees. The city will be painted red and white to bring Christmas fervently.

Mouth-watering Christmas cakes have been on display at famous stores like Relish, Howrah Bakery, and Brubeck Bakery. Young people are especially happy to celebrate the occasion with devotion. People are flocking to the stores to buy attractive Christmas trees, cakes, gifts and decorative bells, despite the soaring prices.

A special midnight mass will be organized at Saint Joseph’s Cathedral and other large churches. Just before midnight mass, a picture of the baby Jesus was brought by the priest preceded by rows of children holding lighted candles which were placed in the manger set up in churches.

Special prayers were offered in churches and pastors delivered selected chapters from the Holy Bible. They urged members of the community to be kind to others and to lead by example.

“Jesus Christ was an apostle of peace and called people to coexist in fellowship and brotherhood to spread peace. The Christmas festival ushers in peace in the lives of people around the world, ”said Robert Fernandes, a resident of Northern Town.

Meanwhile, a Christmas party was also held at various hotels where the children had a blast with their favorite Santa Claus, who handed out candy to them.

Special Christmas parties were organized in several Christian houses in the city. Many cultural organizations organized a Christmas party for the residents of the old people’s homes and orphanages in the city. A voluntary organization organized the distribution of clothes, food and cakes to beggars in the city. Clothes and sweets were distributed to the poor.