Syracuse, NY – At 9:07 p.m. on Saturday, January 8e the Syracuse Fire Department was called to 418 Merriman Avenue, between Barrett Street and South Geddes Street for a house fire. The Onondaga County 911 center had received calls reporting a fire in an abandoned two-family home, and it wasRead More →

By Dr Duggaraju Srinivasa Rao Elections are scheduled in five northern Indian states and the campaign is in full swing and Omicron, a variant of the corona, rivals political speed and even threatens to derail party plans. The Omicron threat is considered a major health threat. The high courts ofRead More →

The project includes full-depth pavement replacement, replacement and improvement of utilities (water, sewer and storm sewer), pedestrian improvement including new sidewalks and improved crossings, improvements to the streetscape such as a paved amenity strip with decorative street furniture including benches, bike racks, trash cans, street trees and landscaped planters, intersectionRead More →