Dunkin Donuts arrives on Ralston Avenue from Defiance | Local News

Long vacant and on the market, a property along a major street in Defiance has sold with a new destiny of coffee and donuts.

In fact, the building at 1119 Ralston Avenue on the northwest side of Defiance — across from the ProMedica Defiance Regional Hospital and once home to a gas station — will be refused. In its place will be a Dunkin Donuts store, according to the real estate agent (Greg Kehnast of Northwest Real Estate) who handled the transaction for the owner (Bipin Patel).

The property and its tiny building had been on the market for years without success. Kehnast said The Crescent Newsfor example, that it has been listed since 2018.

And for years before that, the site was vacant.

“We are thrilled with Dunkin Donuts,” Mayor Mike McCann said. “I know a lot of people who love Dunkin Donuts coffee.”

As for the location next to one of Defiance’s busy entrances, the mayor is excited to see new developments.

“This position is one that many, many people have considered but never been able to make it work for what they wanted to do, so they were certainly thrilled that it was filled by a quality company,” he said. -he declares.

Kehnast could not say when the project will start, but explained that the building will be removed and a new Dunkin Donuts franchise will be installed in its place.

According to Kehnast, Patel is also considering turning Napoleon’s Scott Street’s former Big Boy restaurant into a Dunkin Donuts franchise following renovations.