‘Electric’ Monument Avenue 10k was a ‘wonderful day’

RICHMOND, Va. – Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k was filled with emotion for so many as spectators saw tears, cheers and everything in between Saturday morning in Richmond.

Of start of the race all the way to the finish line, the runners kept talking about the energy of the crowd.

“It was electric, I can’t even put it into words,” Tony McDaniel said.


Brody Smith

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Men’s race winner Brody Smith said he had never seen a crowd with this level of energy.

Others said the crowd’s energy helped them cross the finish line.

Sports Backers officials said around 18,000 people took part in the race.

Sports Backers director of strategy implementation Scott Schricker said it was hard to understand he had
three years since the pandemic forced the race to change course.

“The weather is perfect, the crowds are amazing, it’s a wonderful day for Richmond,” he said.

Sports Backers Director of Strategy Implementation Scott Schricker


Sports Backers Director of Strategy Implementation Scott Schricker

Some people came in costume, whether it was dressing up as superheroes, M&M’s or even a house.

Others focused on conquering a milestone or running for a cause.

Director of the Massey Cancer Center Dr. Robert Winn


Director of the Massey Cancer Center Dr. Robert Winn

The VCU Massey Cancer Center is the official charity partner of the race.

Dr Robert Winn, director of the centre, said seeing people at the finish line excites him.

“It’s a race for the fight against cancer. Every dollar and cent goes towards how we can improve cancer research,” he said.

Winn said it’s about running as one team in the fight against cancer.

By Saturday afternoon, the organization had raised over $90,000 from the event, according to the Team Massey website.

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At this race, people said it was a celebration of big and small wins and why people are here.

“Seeing people cross the finish line. People who never thought they could do it – or never thought they could run so fast – or who are overcoming injury or cancer. It gives me goosebumps,” Schricker said.