Environment Agency to Host Public Engagement Session for First Avenue Flood Program

  • The walk-in session will include detailed design plans of the new system

The Environment Agency is hosting a walk-in session at Selly Park in Birmingham to discuss with local residents a planned flood risk management program for the area surrounding the Pebble Mill playgrounds.

Residents will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the program, as well as view and comment on the proposed designs. The scheme was designed to better protect properties in the Birmingham area from flooding.

The walk-in session will take place at Christ Church on Pershore Road in Selly Park on July 27 from 4-7 p.m.

Environment Agency project officers will be available to explain current design plans and listen to feedback from local people.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said:

We are pleased to bring a flood risk management program to Pebble Mill, better protecting the community from the risk of flooding.

We aim to start construction next spring. Part of this work involves constructing an embankment along the western and northern boundaries of the Pebble Mill playgrounds. This remains a complex and demanding scheme.

The plan is to retain and divert flood waters to the Rea River.

People can check their flood risk, sign up for free flood warnings and keep up to date with the latest situation at https://www.gov.uk/check-flood-risk or call Floodline on 0345 988 1188.‎


Walk-in session takes place at Christ Church, 953 Pershore Road, Selly Park, Birmingham, B29 7PS.

  • The embankment would gradually rise in height from Priory Avenue, following the outer edge of the fields and connecting to the First Avenue walkway.
  • Its footprint is said to be around 15 meters wide and just over 1.2 meters high at the northernmost point. It would be located at least 10 meters from the western boundary of the fields.
  • Wallace Road is the primary consideration for allowing construction access to the playing fields due to the historic access gates present.
  • This provides the least disruption to residents of the available options. There are no plans to store anything on Wallace Road as the enclosure will be on the playing fields. Parking will remain available during construction.
  • Field use will be impacted during construction.