GAIL’s project to make Jamshedpur a “gas city”

Jamshedpur, January 8: Jamshedpur East MP Saryu Rai has been told by officials at the Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) that they are working on a plan to give Jamshedpur gas town status.

GAIL officials visited Rai two days ago at his residential office in Bistupur and asked him to resolve the difficulties encountered during GAIL’s pipeline expansion in Jamshedpur.

GAIL officials told the MP that Jamshedpur can easily be turned into a gas town. As a result, industrial pollution and automobile pollution will end and the city will become clean.

GAIL officials said work to lay the PNG (Pipe Natural Gas) and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) pipelines has started in Jamshedpur, but the pipeline laying work has not progressed satisfactorily. Because they do not receive the required support from TSUIS (formerly Jusco) for this work because there is a long delay to get the necessary authorization and even if they get the authorization it is withdrawn after some time.

While GAIL has deposited around Rs 2 crore to TSUIS, however, if an underground structure of TSUIS is damaged, GAIL is still ready to pay the full cost of its repair and rectification of road erosion due to the laying of the pipeline.

GAIL officials said they had not received detailed details of the road markings from TSUIS. If those details were available, it would be easier for them to determine the depth of their pipeline.

Saryu Rai called on Deputy Commissioner East Singhbhum Suraj Kumar to remove the difficulties related to the laying of the pipeline by GAIL.

Rai also spoke with the chief secretary of state by phone and said the state government should remove the difficulties GAIL has faced in making Jamshedpur a gas town and set a time limit for it. The chief secretary assured Rai that he would discuss this with senior GAIL officials so that obstacles to the transformation of Jamshedpur into a gas town can be lifted and efforts made to get this work done as soon as possible.

Rai said that Jamshedpur has several large and small industries, and if the fuel is produced from PNG, the city’s environment would be clean. This aside, there is a wide range of natural gas usage in hotels, restaurants and residential complexes also in Jamshedpur. Likewise, the convenience and priority of using CNG in large, small and medium-sized commercial vehicles and private vehicles in city traffic should be decided.

At present, gas is supplied to some houses of Sonari in Jamshedpur. The pipeline works coming from Purulia to Jamshedpur are also a bit to the left and the construction works of gas collecting stations at various places are also in progress. In such a situation, if the state government and district administration provide the necessary assistance to GAIL as a state-owned enterprise, Jamshedpur will soon be included in the list of gas towns and residents here will benefit from ‘an appropriate environment.