Inside Dior’s Private After-Show Dinner on Avenue Montaigne – WWD

Stepping into the tent that housed this season’s Dior show was like a breath of fresh air – with a seascape and 19,000 plants in the small space, there was the distinct scent of spring.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel relaxed with David and Cruz Beckham in the front row to view Kim Jones’ latest menswear collection. After the show, the romance was shattered, as guests tried to snap photos and pose for pictures while stomping on the (temporary) pitch.

“It was beautiful, as always, but it’s madness!” exclaimed Naomi Campbell as she tried to make her way backstage. The model grabbed Nigerian rapper WizKid by the hand to guide him through the crowd.

A few guests decamped to the Dior boutique on Avenue Montaigne for an intimate cocktail in the garden on the first floor of the flagship before settling in the former apartment on the premises.

German actress Emilia Schüle, who plays Marie Antoinette in the upcoming CanalPlus drama, said she has a special bond with Dior. She worked with the house on special dresses and spent time with the designer in the south of France. “It was amazing because you get a sense of what a real artist is, with the furniture and the design of the rooms. It’s a fairy tale,” she said of the house at Grasse.

The cocktail hour was golden hour, and Miss Fame caught the light as she posed for photos next to the large upstairs window.

Fashion plays a huge part in the ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ star’s expression. “I think it allows me to have a bit of golden armor,” she said. She loves a strong shoulder and a nipped-in waist, but never loses her glam. “My fashion identity allowed me to access spaces that I might have seen in my childhood and thought, ‘How do I get there?’ Fashion allows me to tell stories and I believe it is part of our identity.

Dior milliner Stephen Jones said this season’s double-decker hats came together in a simple moment of inspiration. He first transformed Bloomsbury Group painter Duncan Grant’s signature straw hat into a felt version, then played with designer Dior Jones’ own baseball cap one afternoon during a fitting.

“But we have already made a baseball cap at Dior. So he said, ‘Lay them on top of each other’ and I said, ‘That’s the look!’ It wasn’t a big angsty thing; it was sort of a pretty straightforward trajectory,” he said.

Stepping into the afternoon setting, decorated with a replica of Dior’s childhood home in Granville, France, Jones was surprised. It currently has an exhibit at the house museum. “I spent the whole spring there [preparing]so seeing a miniature version of the house was like “I’m home!” “, did he declare.

Japanese actor Ryusei Yokohama was attending his first Paris Fashion Week and found it “a bit overwhelming”, he said. “The set was so beautiful, and the looks were not only fashionable and stylish, but playful.”

The ‘Your Eyes Tell’ star said it made her want to do other projects with the house. Is there a capsule collection in its future? “No, no, no,” he laughs. “I’m just wearing.”

Afropop singer Rema just released his debut album in March. “I feel like the music does its job, it does what it needs to do, it travels,” he said of Spotify’s records. “I just want to be part of, not just my journey, I don’t just want to tell my story, I also want to help people tell their stories.”

Ruger, another Afropop singer from Nigeria who just released his album a week ago, explained the inspiration for his song “Dior”.

“I just released real music, and I wear a lot of Dior, I wear Dior Sauvage [fragrance] – it’s just Dior, Dior, Dior for everything,” he said. “It represents elegance and simplicity and at the same time it’s bold, very bold.” – With contributions from Joëlle Diderich