Jamshedpur: Picnickers invade Dimna and Jubilee Park as mercury plunges

Jamshedpur, December 17th: The winter season arrives with many memories and holds a special place in the heart, especially in a city where the rest of the months simmer under a blazing sun. Places like Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, Dimna Lake, Jubilee Park, and Tata Zoological Park are inundated with picnickers these days.

Dalma’s forest area varying from dense to bushy and scattered grasslands with water bodies supporting rich flora and fauna offer picnickers a wide variety of places to spend their day. It is a place that attracts many visitors during picnic season due to its rich biodiversity. Hundreds of species of plants battle the sun, clinging and swarming on their higher neighbors, colonizing their trunks and feeding on their fallen leaves.

“It’s a very mixed picture since he received a good return,” says a regular. “The park has filled the long-awaited void, the place that dreams of it,” says one teacher. While there are restrictions for people entering or near the area, the youngsters have fun hiking through the rocky terrain. “The rugged terrain puts its abilities to the test,” says a young adventurer.

The city’s zoo, full of shady trees, is the perfect place for picnickers to eat in groups and observe animals in captivity.

This month is a boom time for caterers, tent house vendors, and transportation contractors crisscrossing minibuses as they take the organizational hassle out of picnics. These picnics also serve as “cat parties” with each participating family adding spice by contributing to the daily menu.

Despite all the hustle and bustle and long lines, the faces of everyone who had reached their destination shone with happiness.

“I’ve always wanted to take a boat trip and we did it twice today,” said Ramesh Mehra who enjoyed his picnic with his family in Chandil. Even kiosks selling food and snacks were happy to have a business boom after a month of low sales.

With almost everyone trying to get as close to the destination as possible, the place seemed crowded with traffic. The air was laden with gasoline fumes, as the engines of hundreds of vehicles idled, owners waiting to find a place to park. Like the picnic areas, the main food courts in the Twin Cities also had the best of the day with a busy evening.

Almost all the restaurants were packed in the city, while the party aspect was more noticeable in the restaurants of the NH 33. “People are happy and having fun, the best thing is that there was no no incidents in the area. recently, ”said the manager of an NH 33 restaurant.

Organizers and managers said the response has been overwhelming this year. “People are spending more this year than the year before, regardless of the fact that prices have gone up and we are working hard to make the day a memorable one for our guests,” said one hotelier.