Long queues at Mr. G’s Barn block traffic on Hill Avenue

“We don’t want to get into the business of telling people they can’t get ice cream.”

PERRYSBURG, Ohio — An update to a story we first brought to you last week.

After hearing about the security issues caused by the long queues at Mr. G’s barna local ice cream parlor, WTOL 11 contacted city officials and law enforcement.

And while there’s no long-term plan yet, conversations are happening.

On Tuesday night, the one common goal of everyone, including community members, the Township of Springfield and the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office it’s that they want to see Mr. G’s Barn continue to thrive.

They are therefore looking for solutions for the back-ups caused by the long queues.

As a dark day is slow to Mr. G’s barna hot day like the one we experienced last week can draw hundreds or even thousands of shoppers, causing a traffic mess on Hill Avenue.

Anette Prats, who lives across the street, told WTOL 11 last week it was a security issue.

“I’ve been here eight years and the traffic has never been worse and the courtesy of the drivers is not there,” Prats said.

Captain Matt Luettke says the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office is aware of the situation

“We’ve informed the field ops assistants that you know when they’re in the area, you know to be aware of this traffic issue,” Luettke said.

But he says they can only monitor traffic.

“And they must take all reasonable enforcement action that needs to be taken,” Luettke said.

For safety reasons, neighbors in the area have suggested that the road be widened.

But Lucas County Engineer Mike Pniewski says that won’t happen any time soon.

“Essentially, the responsibility for the operation of the business in terms of excessive queuing on the public right-of-way. Ultimately, it is the business owner’s responsibility to conduct their business in a way that prevents this from happening. happen,” Pniewski said.

WTOL 11 has contacted the owner of Mr. G’s, but he will not comment.

The Springfield Township administrator says the township wants the business to run smoothly.

And it’s a group effort, as they all find a way to help support the beloved ice cream shop while keeping everyone safe.

“We plan to have a roundabout at this location in the future. If the business owner wanted to incorporate additional infrastructure, it would be their responsibility to coordinate those needs,” Pniewski said.

“We don’t want to get into the business of telling people they can’t get ice cream,” Luettke said.

The Lucas County Sheriff’s Office said it is considering adding signage to the area, but the ideal solution is a long-term plan to prevent the line from spilling onto the road.

For this, the Township of Springfield and law enforcement plan to contact the owner to see how they can help.