Make way for the ducklings on White Marsh Avenue

PERRY HALL, MD — Outside a deli on The Avenue at White Marsh, a duck has been perched on her eggs for weeks.

Behind her, a sign read, “Do Not Disturb. Baby Ducklings in Progress.”

The eggs hatched on Tuesday and the ducklings emerged from the nest, according to The Avenue at White Marsh.

Elizabeth Janney/Patch.

The avenue shared a video birds on Wednesday emerging from under their mother with the message: “Something beautiful happened last night. A big thank you to everyone who watched and waited with us. Welcome to the neighborhood, little ones!”

“Every year we have many nests on the property,” Lisa Geiger, spokeswoman for The Avenue, told the Perry Hall Patch. In fact, birds have been around for decades, she said.

When the mall was built in 1997, a retention pond was created to control stormwater runoff, according to Geiger.

Ducks and geese now flock to the Town Center Drive retention pond.

A sign along Town Center Drive warns drivers to make way for ducklings, and brochures are available next to the pond with information about the birds.

For nesting, different birds prefer different types of nesting places in the region.

“Ducks are more obvious because they like tall planters,” Geiger said. “Geese love hedgerows, so we’re often surprised when mother and goslings cross the parking lot to Town Center Drive!”

The ducklings and their mother traveled from the Ando market on the avenue to the pond on Wednesday morning, The avenue of the white marsh reported.

“We don’t manage the property,” Geiger said of the pond, “but we love our feathered neighbors and work to educate the community about them.”

To this end, The Avenue at White Marsh has a section on its website dedicated to “411 on ducks and geese”.