Mets vs Phillies recap: Dom delivers, offense sparkles, in win

The Mets offense erased their Saturday prime-time television woes, scoring 10 points en route to a 10-6 victory over the Phillies on Sunday Night Baseball. The victory secured their seventh straight series victory to start the season, which is 1) absolutely incredible scenes and 2) legitimately impressive regardless of their opponents.

Max Scherzer won the ball and provided an almost quality start. He started hot, knocking out the first five Phillies he faced and generally looked locked on the hump, but Kyle Schwarber recalled he was literally destroying every pitch a New York Met threw at him , tattooing a solo shot to make it 1-0 Phillies.

The Mets responded late in the second, with their first inning of the game on a grounded Starling Marte and the second on a double from Luis Guillorme to the dead center field wall that nearly went out.

Scherzer held that 2-1 lead until the fourth set. He walked JT Realmuto with two on the outside to elevate [ominous piano keys play in the background] Kyle Schwarber again. Schwarber did his best impression of Adrián Beltré, got down on one knee, and hit a two-run homer into the bullpen, putting the Phillies back in front.

The Mets, who are good, fought again to tie, when Eduardo Escobar scored on a double from Dominic Smith’s bat. However, the Mets offense decided they were tired of trading runs with the Phillies and decided to be proactive this time around, starting in the fifth inning.

A single from Francisco Lindor and a double from Jeff McNeil had the Mets threatening with an outside in frame. Pete Alonso worked a 2-0 tally before getting a bye, loading the bases and ending Phillies starter Zach Elfin’s night. Jose Alvarado came to face Smith and immediately gave up the go-ahead throwing a pitch that Realmuto hadn’t asked for, crossing him and causing a passed ball. Smith – who was an excellent 4-4 on the night and may even have saved his roster spot as the rosters shrunk on Monday – poured salt into the proverbial wound, smoking a single down the middle to make it 6- 3 Mets, a lead they would never give up.

Bryce Harper didn’t appreciate the Mets’ proactive nature with bats and tagged Scherzer for his third homer of his outing, shortening the Mets’ lead to 6-4. Scherzer finished the remainder of the inning unscathed and completed a Mostly Good outing despite giving up three homers in six innings.

The Mets were by no means finished scoring, as evidenced by seventh-inning singles from Alonso and Marte that pushed the lead to 7-4 and 9-4 respectively. McNeil added the final exclamation mark on the win, when he hit a soft double to Kyle Schwarber who absolutely should have been caught. Alas, that was not the case and the Mets scored their tenth run of the game.

Yoan Lopez came in for round nine in a sweep role and had a fling. He asked Realmuto to line up and immediately missed the inside twice at Schwarber, raising tensions everywhere amid the recent drama with the Cardinals of St. Louis. Lopez, who probably wasn’t trying to punch anyone, forced Schwarber down. He finally hit someone, this time Alec Bohm on a 1-2 change, served a two-run home run to Johan Carmago to make the game more respectable, and closed out the series victory, knocking out Odubel Herrera .

Box scores


Win probability added

What is WPA?

Big Mets Winner: Dominic Smith, +43.9% WPA
Mets big loser: Max Scherzer, -19.6% WPA
Food Pitchers: -12.7% WPA
Mets hitters: +62.7% WPA
The most aw3s0mest game: Dominic Smith’s double RBI in round four, +18.6% WPA
The sux0rest game: Kyle Schwarber’s fourth-inning two-run home run, -28.7% WPA

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