Muskie Energy and Coffee Drinks to open on Park Avenue

MUSCATINE, Iowa – While everyone loves a good sit-down breakfast or an afternoon snack, some days just turn out to be too busy. Marcella Alimoski has big plans to provide a new option for people on the go with her new business, Muskie Energy and Coffee Drinks, which opens at the end of this month.

Marcella Alimoski had the idea to launch Muskie Energy and Coffee Drinks from her stepfather, Andy Alimoski, owner of Muscatine Family Restaurant. “We were looking to branch out into something a little different from the restaurant,” she explained.

Located just outside the Muscatine Family Restaurant at 1903 Park Avenue, the Muskie Energy and Coffee Drinks Trailer will feature a driveway on two sides. Guests will have a wide variety of invigorating drinks to choose from to get through the day, such as specialty coffee drinks similar to Frappuccinos and Lattes, energy drinks, and freshly made smoothies. For those looking for something a little more substantial than just a drink, Muskie Energy and Coffee Drinks also offers take out and breakfast sandwiches.

Because people’s days start early and end late, energy drinks and Muskie coffee will have long hours. Open daily from 4:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., coffee drinkers and energy drink fanatics will have the chance to satisfy their cravings as soon as they strike.

No matter when customers stop by, Marcella Alimoski assures them that they will get the best possible service. “We will make sure we have good service, fast entry and exit service and service with a smile,” she said.

Currently, Marcella Alimoski plans to open Muskie Energy and Coffee Drinks and end of January, pending city inspections. With the drinks trailer open, she looks forward to the opportunity to start growing her business and continuing the Alimoski tradition of running great restaurants. “It’s a local and very family-oriented business,” she said, noting that her husband, Boni Alimoski, and several other family members helped her get started and will continue to help her there. where they can.

Marcella Alimoski is particularly looking forward to “building another clientele there and being able to provide specialty drinks and coffees in the upscale neighborhoods – I know we have this downtown area, but not the upscale neighborhoods.”

When Muskie Energy and Coffee Drinks officially opens, Marcella Alimoski also plans to create a Facebook page for it. She encourages anyone interested in staying on top of specials and new drink trailer offerings to follow the page once it goes live and check it frequently for updates.

Whether you need a coffee to start the morning or an energy drink to help you through a long evening, Muskie Energy and Coffee Drinks will have just the drink you need. This new addition to the many restaurants in the Alimoski family area is sure to become very popular with many members of the community in the months to come.