New traffic light on Coburg Road and Elysium Avenue | New

EUGENE, Ore. — A new traffic light arrives at the intersection of Coburg Road and Elysium Avenue.

Officials said that due to the upcoming new upscale development on Coburg Road, a new traffic light is needed to make way for the expected increase in traffic in the area and for pedestrian safety.

The commercial development will consist of eight spaces; two for restaurants and six for retail and other services, according to the property manager.

Doug Singer of the City of Eugene said that before work begins on the property, developers of the vacant lot will first upgrade the sidewalks and underground electrical infrastructure.

“We believe it will take about four weeks to build the ADA ramps and do the underground work,” Singer said. “Then later in December the traffic lights will probably be installed.”

Residents told KEZI they were excited about the new traffic light due to heavy traffic currently on Coburg Road.

“There’s traffic that comes with all the extra stuff and the older you get, the harder the traffic gets,” Eugene resident Karen Sturms said. “When we moved here someone said you were going to get tired of Coburg Road, but it’s a good way to get around.”

Resident Maryn Thomas said traffic has gotten worse in the area in recent days and the light would be a good addition.

“It takes forever to get permission to turn left, so I’m honestly happy with that,” Thomas said.

Singer estimates the project will cost around $480,000, paid for by the manager of the property under development.

The light should be finished by the end of the year.