Plans for the avenue des prairies on the estate

PLANS to rejuvenate the park in front of a Yorkshire Dales country estate by creating a corridor of grassland and new trees.

Candidates Rt Hon Tom and Katie Orde-Powlett have submitted plans to Richmondshire District Council for a new avenue from Bolton Hall, Wensley, to Lord’s Bridge, on the Bolton Estate.

This will involve converting a corridor from intensive dairy grassland to low intensity species-rich grassland and creating a new alley of trees.

Planning permission is required to create an alley in the center of this corridor, recreating the access arrangements of the 17th and 18th centuries.

This will link to existing access on Lord’s Bridge and end with a trolley sweep past Bolton Hall.

It will also be connected to the existing east-west access, which will remain. The new driveway will generally be 3.65m wide, to form a single carriageway.

The route of the proposed avenue is currently intensively managed grassland, grazed by a dairy farm, with little biodiversity benefit.

The planned corridor of low intensity, species-rich grasslands and roadside trees will greatly benefit biodiversity on two levels: by enhancing habitat within the corridor itself and by helping to connect wildflower meadows in Hall Park with Wanlass Grasslands SSSI, south of the Uré River.

The practice course itself will not require the removal of trees.

Lord’s Bridge Covert is planted with non-native sycamores, which have reached maturity.

Part of it will be felled to be replaced by the new avenue trees, for which a felling permit will be requested from the Forestry Commission and major replanting will be undertaken, in accordance with their requirements.

A heritage statement with the plans read: “As Bolton Hall transitions to the next generation, Tom and Katie Orde-Powlett plan to rejuvenate the natural and historic landscape.

“Guided by the eminent garden historian, Val Hepworth, the idea is to reinstate the 17th and 18th century axial approach and re-establish the link between the market hall and the River Ure.

“The original avenue is clearly recorded on historical plans with a remarkable line of sight that ran north to south from one valley ridge to the other through the center of the house and the bridge of the Lord.”

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