Raghubar calls for immediate ban on shop rent improvement in Jamshedpur

Mail news service

Jamshedpur, June 17: Former Jharkhand Chief Minister and BJP National Vice Chairman Raghubar Das has demanded an immediate reduction in shop rents imposed by the Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee (JNAC) on traders in all markets in the city. He urged the government to find an appropriate solution to the sudden rent hike imposed by JNAC after Tata Steel management handed over authority to the body.

Expressing the disappointment and anger of traders, Raghubar Das said, “Invoices are being sent to traders for rents that are 700% higher than what was charged before. Till yesterday, a shopkeeper who was paying Rs 24 as rent, has now received a JNAC rent bill of Rs 16,048. This means that a store having an area of ​​20 sq. square foot area. Shops whose previous rent was Rs 250 receive rent bills from JNAC amounting to Rs 50,000. This is simply unfair and unjustified. »

Raghubar Das called on all trade associations to jointly hold discussions on the issue of rent increase and bring the matter to the Deputy Commissioner. He demanded from the government that the new rent imposed on shopkeepers was absolutely unjust and must be revoked immediately. He advised that a tripartite committee be formed to resolve the issue of rent volatility. Representatives of traders associations, JNAC officials and district administration should be included in the tripartite committee.

Protest against water connection fees

Former Chief Minister Raghubar Das has strongly opposed the imposition of charges on the citizens of Jamshedpur for new water connections. He asked that when there was a provision in the state to provide free water connections, why were residents of Jamshedpur being charged for new water connections. He urged the government to abolish the new water connection fees imposed on residents of Jamshedpur.