Samridhi Grand Avenue – Protest against builder turns violent

Green West: The protest organized by residents of Samridhhi Grand Avenue, Techzone 4, Greater Noida West on Sunday, May 9, 2022, ended in a stampede situation. Residents were protesting against the builder for the rising diesel generator (DG) loads without any intimation. Locals allege the builder hired miscreants to quell the protest. Subsequently, the residents filed an FIR about it. A procedure is underway and two arrests have been made by the police.

Residents share that the protest resulted in total chaos and panic situation. As collected from residents, the protest was planned to oppose the rise in the DG rate from Rs 17 to Rs 30 per unit. Residents allege the builder’s brother hired bouncers and goons to quell the protests. These goons started chasing the residents with iron bars trying to physically harm the residents. They had to run for their lives.

Sumit Gupta, a resident says, “The manufacturer increased the DG rate without telling us from 17 rupees to 30 rupees. We set up a meeting to discuss how to solve these daily problems. Since no solution could be found, we got up and went to the main gate to protest. Soon from somewhere people from the side of the builder started running behind us with rods. They were trying to kill us. We reported this incident. It’s a clear indication from the builder that if we elevate a word, there would be violence.”

Abhinay Saraswat, another resident says: “It was a peaceful demonstration, which turned out to be deadly. We filed an FIR. Allegations were also made against the residents. The builder tries to model the case by saying that it is a showdown between the inhabitants. There is no surveillance whatsoever in society. They had walking sticks, one day anyone will be able to carry a gun too. Our lives are in danger.”

After the incident, there is an atmosphere of fear and turmoil in society. Acting quickly, two arrests were made by the police. Police say there will be no leniency in this case. Strict measures would be taken against all defendants.

Regarding this, Yogendra Singh, ACP2 Central Noida, said in a Tweet on May 8, 2022, “In the above case, there was a dispute between the builder and the residents of the company. In this regard, two people are detained and interrogated. We have seen all the CCTV footage. The action has been taken and the culprits go to jail today (May 9, 2022). A request has been received in this regard, after which the necessary legal measures will be taken.

The dispute between the builder and the residents of Greater Noida West seems endless. Every Sunday, we see some residents or another company on the roads of Grenowest, protesting against the builder for the lack of facilities or the high maintenance costs. CitySpidey attempted to contact the builder about it, but was unavailable for comment.