Smart City Work is lagging behind, no encouragement for Avenue Road this holiday season too | Bangalore News

BENGALURU: Civil works on Avenue Road that began under Bengaluru Smart City Limited in January have missed several deadlines and traders in the mall are desperate for boring returns during another holiday season.
The work was initially scheduled to be completed in June. Having failed to complete it in six months, the former chief engineer of Bengaluru Smart City Limited said it would be finished by mid-August. After BSCL also missed the August deadline, Managing Director Rajendra Cholan told TOI that the work would be completed in the first week of September.
Although the year is drawing to a close, the work is far from over. Sajjan Raj Mehta, a business activist from Avenue Road, said: “It is December and another festival season is drawing away. The condition of the road is miserable with debris and sewage everywhere making it difficult for buyers. India is a country of festivals. Every month there is at least one festival and if the civic agency takes a year to complete a project it was supposed to complete in six months, how will traders make their living? ”
The traders were assured that the job would be finished six months before the onset of the monsoon, and therefore they would not be too inconvenienced.
“Citizens, traders and activists have repeatedly raised the issue that the main reason for the delay in completion is the lack of coordination between civic agencies. If the agencies still haven’t learned to coordinate and work with each other, what will become of this city? Mehta lamented.
Traders pointed out that the state of Avenue Road has also had an impact on nearby markets like Tharagupet and Mamulpete. Uttam M Jain, owner of a confectionery shop on Avenue Road, said, “We contacted Cholan. Each time he assures us that he will study it and finish it at the earliest, but we do not see any progress on the ground. The road is finished but the sidewalks are still messy. Buyers find it very difficult to access stores, especially since all the sewage is overflowing on the road.
Traders fear the work will drag on for longer, and fear that they will not see an increase in attendance at the upcoming Sankranti, Mahashivaratri and Holi festivals.
Mehta added, “At this point there should be government intervention and contractors and officials should be penalized for the delay and inconvenience to the public. ”
Prakash Pirgal, President of the Bangalore Wholesale Cloth Merchants Association, said: “We recently discovered that there were some errors with the drains. They are being rectified. If this is the case, we, the traders and above all, the citizens, bear the brunt of their mistakes. ”
“The work is done at night”
The concerned EEA of BSCL, Chandrashekhar MR, said: “The works are mainly carried out at night due to the density of the population on the street during office hours. They give drainage connections to the cross roads and some small rectifications regarding the same are made. However, the work that is mostly on hold concerns the paving and the installation of lights. We are working to get it finished by the end of January or early February.