Step inside Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s newly renovated family home on Fifth Avenue

Beyond combining their voices as designers, they seized the opportunity to make other changes they couldn’t make a decade ago, like the entrance floor, a limestone tanned that leaned a bit “fancy granny”, to Berkus’ taste. This time Brent found some beautiful reclaimed black and white Spanish tiles. For Berkus, the house was truly theirs when these new tiles came in. For Brent, it was when Poppy and Oskar’s rooms were ready.

The living room is furnished in a pleasant mix of vintage pieces.

Kelly Marshall

When asked how the children reacted to their new home, the couple beams. Brent says Oskar called it “the best house in the world” and Poppy said, “I love the light here.” A sophisticated observation for a seven-year-old, sure, but it’s a familiar line in his fathers love for this place. For Brent, who’s the first up in the family, these are the first 20 minutes of the day in this glow that roots him: “Every morning, when I go up to the kitchen, with the light that passes, I am so grateful.” For Berkus, his favorite moment is waking up and pressing the button that raises the blinds, hearing the sounds of little feet and laughter as he watches the sun hit the peaceful wallpaper that lines the bedroom. Like Brent, he’s grateful for what they’ve been able to build together: “I just take a beat every morning.…I’m just kind filled, it’s our family and it’s where we live.”