The Aldi grocer spans South Florida Avenue

Low-cost grocer Aldi is coming to southern Lakeland. The international chain plans to build its second Lakeland store at 4532 S. Florida Ave., currently the site of a Golden Corral restaurant, which is to be demolished.

The 19,209 square foot store at the intersection with Alamo Street will be just a quarter of a mile from two other grocery stores: the Lake Miriam Publix (approximately 50,000 square feet) and the upscale Publix GreenWise Marketplace. two years (25,500 square feet).

The new store is expected to open by the end of 2022, according to Matt Thon, vice president of the Haines City division for Aldi.

“The new layout of the Lakeland Aldi store will have ample refrigeration for fresher, healthier and more convenient products. The new store will also feature open ceilings, natural lighting and environmentally friendly building materials, ”he said.

The general contractor is ADT Commercial of Oldsmar, according to City of Lakeland records. The project engineer expects construction to begin in February, according to Chuck Barmby, the city’s business development and traffic manager.

Aldi has a distribution center in Haines City, and the chain of online store locator shows seven locations in Polk County, including one in northern Lakeland at 4745 US 98 North.

The South Lakeland store will face South Florida Avenue with 99 rear parking spaces, including four accessible spaces, according to a site plan filed with the City of Lakeland.

Aldi is in expansion mode, adding around 100 new stores this year and “is on track to become the third largest grocery retailer by number of stores by the end of 2022,” according to one company. Press release.

Come to 4532 S. Florida Ave .: Aldi. Go: Golden Corral

The grocer promotes his low prices, driven by the use house brands for 90% of its products rather than famous brands. Customers are encouraged to bring reusable shopping bags; those who use shopping carts deposit a shift, which is refunded when the cart is returned to the corral, a move Aldi says prevents them from having to hire employees to collect the carts.

The company currently has more than 2,100 stores in 37 states. Aldi has its roots in Germany, and two related Aldi companies have together more than 10,000 stores in 20 countries.