Wave of COVID tests causes traffic jam on 28th Avenue

As Christmas approaches, everything usually happens at a rapid pace.

Everything – except the line for the COVID-19 assessment center at Charlotte Ave and 28th Ave.

“I wasn’t expecting it,” said Muthu Jayaraman, who was in the long line.

So many people tried to take a last-minute COVID-19 test before the holidays, the queue snaked around two parking lots and ended up on 28th Avenue.

“There are so many cars here,” Jayaraman said.

Most shared the same mission.

“My parents are from India, so we just wanted to take the test,” Jayaraman said.

“We have family coming in so we just want to keep our grandparents and everything safe,” said Olivia Bartol, another woman online.

Dr William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, said it was a great idea, even if you are fully vaccinated.

“We could be vaccinated and vaccinated and have a very mild infection, but we could still be a dreaded spreader and pass the virus on to our family members who could become seriously ill,” said Dr Schaffner.

He said, if you don’t want to sit in a long line, you can get a COVID test at home.

“The home test option is a really good option because it’s quick and you can do it at home, obviously. You get the answer right away,” Schaffner said.

But they have a significant downside.

“These home tests are not as accurate as the rigorous PCR tests. You can have occasional false positives and more frequent false negatives,” he said.

They can also be difficult to find. NewsChannel 5 tried a few different pharmacies and they had some in stock, but not many. A representative from CVS Pharmacy told us in a statement:

We continue to work around the clock to provide our stores with an inventory of the five over-the-counter COVID-19 home tests that we offer: Abbott BinaxNOW, Acon FlowFlex, Quidel Quickvue, Ellume and Pixel by LabCorp. In the event of a temporary shortage of a store, our teams have put in place a process to quickly restock. Due to a recent increase in demand and to maintain community access to testing in our stores, there may be temporary stockouts for these products on CVS.com [cvs.com]. We are committed to providing families with protection and peace of mind during the holiday season, and we continue to provide access to lab tests with results available within 1 to 2 days or rapid COVID-19 testing. in more than 4,800 CVS pharmacies. .

CVS Pharmacy

This Thursday, December 23 is the last day to take a COVID-19 test at a Metro Nashville Public Health Department facility before Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.