Where to Eat in Southern Avenue, Kolkata

Best time to visit: During the day to work quietly, in the evening for a more lively conversation atmosphere

The Old House Restaurant

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This place opened just before the pandemic and remained an understated new entrant to Kolkata’s food scene that you could easily walk or drive past without noticing. Yet if you make it inside, you’ll find yourself in a space reminiscent of a quaint, tiny dining room with delicate tablecloths, green slatted windows, and a menu reminiscent of ’70s Park Street. Owner Manju Datta has teamed up with Vikram Malhotra of legendary Kolkata brands like Skyroom and Blue Fox to recreate classic European dishes for a new generation. Datta says she was lucky to have some of the original employees of Sky Room which closed in 1992. And that ensured a great shrimp cocktail, a great steak with all the trimmings and a delicious pepper sauce and the perfect caramel flan for pudding – and if that’s not a trip down memory lane from Calcutta to South Kolkata, I really don’t know what is. 122C, Southern Ave, Hindustan Park, Kolkata

Who’s there? Those looking for a bit of 1970s and 1980s Kolkata nostalgia.

Best time to visit: Lunchtimes and Saturday nights for special live music events

Oudh 1590

If you are looking for really good Mughlai food in South Kolkata, Oudh is where it is. I truly believe this place has some of the best food and an added bonus is that the space is filled with a sense of history that you feel the moment you enter. I could give you a whole list of items from here that I like because I always pick people up or make Swiggy’s from there, but my favorites have to be the kebabs and biryani. They do fabulous mutton kakori, murgh Afghani kebab and galouti kebab and their mushroom galouti is a big hit with my vegetarian friends. Even after trying all the biryanis, I keep coming back to their raan biryani filled with delicious melt-in-the-mouth boneless mutton that is very light on the spice. Unfortunately for many, there are no eggs or potatoes in this one! P562, Hemanta Mukherjee Sarani, Kolkata

Who’s there? Families, families, families and more families.

Best time to visit: Lunch to relax with family, expect a crowded place most nights