Why Pontiac Avenue in Cranston will be closed for two weekends in November

CRANSTON − Pontiac Avenue in Cranston will be closed for two consecutive weekends as road crews demolish two Highway 37 Bridges and drag their replacements into place.

The first closure of Pontiac Avenue will begin at 8 p.m. on November 11 and will last until 6 a.m. on November 14. The second closing will take place from 8 p.m. on November 18 to 6 a.m. on November 21.

The first closure is to replace the bridge for westbound Route 37 traffic. The second closure is to replace the bridge serving eastbound traffic, transport department said spokesman Charles St. Martin.

While Pontiac Avenue will be closed where the two bridges cross it, traffic on Route 37 will continue to flow smoothly. Starting Nov. 11, when the westbound bridge is demolished, traffic from Route 37 will be rerouted to the Pontiac Avenue exit and then back onto the freeway from the on-ramp directly in front, a said St. Martin. Police will be stationed on the road to help direct traffic.

The Interstate 95 South exit to Route 37 will be closed, Nov. 11-14, to avoid backups on I-95 when Route 37 detours, St. Martin said. The detour will take drivers on Interstate 295 to join Route 37.

Eastbound traffic will not be affected by the November 11 closure.

When the eastbound bridge is demolished and then replaced between November 18 and 21, traffic will stop at the Pontiac Avenue exit and return to Route 37 at the Pontiac Avenue entrance.

Replacement bridges were built on either side of Route 37, allowing them to be slid into place.

The two bridges on Pontiac Avenue on Route 37 will be replaced this month, and traffic on Route 37, as shown, will be diverted onto existing exit ramps and on-ramps.

“They are fully built and ready to install,” St. Martin said.

The closure is expected to impact drivers heading to Garden City and Chapel View shopping centers in Cranston

More details on suggested detours for Route 37 Pontiac Avenue

Signposted detours, according to a Department of Transportation press release, will be:

This map shows the detours around the replacement of two bridges that use Route 37 on Pontiac Avenue in Cranston.

I-95 South, Exit 31B to Cranston: Use Exit 28B to I-295 North to Route 37 Interchange

I-95 South, Exit 31A to Warwick: Use Exit 29, the Airport Connector, to the Post Road exit, turn left onto Route 1 North to Airport Road

Avenue Pontiac southbound: Use Sockanosset Cross Road to Route 2 South to the on-ramp to Route 37 East

Pontiac Avenue northbound: Use the on-ramp to Route 37 East, then use Exit 2B for I-95 North and return to Route 37 West via Exit 31B, then take the off-ramp to Exit 1E for Pontiac Avenue.

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